Financing America's Triple Net Lease Properties And 1031 Exchanges Since 1971

Financing A Net Lease Property

Marabella Commercial Finance is founded upon the belief that trust, integrity and lasting relationships are the foundation for truly successful financial transactions. While markets and interest rates rise and fall, transactions built upon solid ground stand up to the harshest conditions. With over 40 years of financing Commercial Real Estate throughout the United States and Canada, Marabella is a rare example of these values brought to life each and every day.


We do our best to establish trusting relationships by serving our clients. With confidence, information is shared more easily, transactions are simplified and processing times are greatly reduced.


We hold ourselves and our lending sources to the utmost integrity at every step of the loan process. We strive to work with lending sources that do not re-price loans and that are fair and ethical with our clients.

Fast, Efficient & Effective Loan Processing

Clients of Marabella are assisted through the entire loan process to ensure the greatest possible loan experience. Marabella Commercial Finance assists each borrower when retrieving, evaluating and submitting the following:

  • Loan Application
  • Required Property Information & Legal Documents
  • Tenant Financing Information
  • All Critical Correspondence. Marabella will followup with all parties relating to the loan
  • Loan Commitment and all required condition precedent items
  • Coordinating with the Title Company for safe transportation of the loan documents to ensure a timely closing.
  • Coordinating with the Title Company, Lender & Borrower for wiring of funds and recording of Deed.
  • Retrieval of all correspondence that is critical to processing the loan in a timely manner.

Deep-Rooted Relationships With Our Lending Sources

Lasting relationships with our lending sources yield our clients favorable fixed interest rates, low third party report costs and low cost legal fees together with timely and responsive service and support.

Specialization & Experience

Marabella Commercial Finance arranges financing for solely N/N/N Single/Multi Tenant Retail and Restaurant Properties. Our unparalleled focus and experience gives our clients the advantage they need to successfully complete a transaction from start to finish.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Financial markets are changing at a fast pace, as well as our clients needs and transactions. Flexibility and adaptability to current market and client needs are important. We are constantly researching the financial markets and researching the best lenders to utilize for our clients. Development of better ways to serve our clients needs are continually examined to ensure complete state of the art service and transaction quality.


Marabella Commercial Finance utilizes the latest in computer technology to assist our clients loan needs in an organized and efficient manner. Dow Jones and Bloomberg financial statistics are utilized to analyze current financial conditions, and current company specific information – allowing us to offer up to the minute preliminary qoutations and financial information to our clients.